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Due to Coronavirus public health recommendations, all in-person sessions have been suspended.

To ensure our mutual safety, all services are now being offered virtually. We'll meet online with audio and video through a HIPPA compliant and secure platform. This is a great option for those with busy schedules or preferring to talk from the comforts of their own space and will continue as an option once in-person sessions resume.

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Through a genuine and warm relationship, I provide intentional counseling for anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, and self exploration. Therapy is space to ask those "big questions" and work

through the answers with patience, compassion, and bravery. 

I offer both short and long term therapy that focuses on creating sustainable change, unveiling fresh possibilities, and thriving in all aspects of life.

My goal is for you to utilize your expanded insights and acquired skills on your own, long after your therapy with me concludes.


College brings many new experiences- some exciting, some stressful, and some unexpected. It is common to feel a range of emotions during this time and you can still flourish.

Through brief solution-oriented therapy you will learn skills to improve overall wellness including sleep and study strategies, organization and time management, self-advocacy and communication, and interpersonal relationships building.

My goal is for you to practice these skills in your daily life and notice an unmistakable boost in your confidence.

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Soccer Match


Obtaining peak performance on the field or boardroom is often ridden with anxiety, pressure, difficulty juggling life's demands, and unanticipated hurdles. It is also an incredible opportunity to shatter preconceived limits and uncover your purest power.

Together, we will set strategic goals and create a customized training plan to build mental skills, remove performance obstacles, and cultivate grit.

My goal is for you to activate your skills and enhanced self-awareness so your motivation, focus, and resilience are strong in the face of setbacks.


Team chemistry is magical and sometimes needs a boost to elevate what already exists or revamp what’s off track. Establishing solid culture, expectations, and goals are the foundation of any successful organizations.

Through highly interactive workshops or comprehensive training programs for each team member- including athletes, coaches, managers, and executives-  performance will be enhanced. You can choose from a single or on-going workshop series, each backed by evidenced based modalities and incorporate intentional skill practice during our time together. Common topics include:

  • Team building, cohesion, communication

  • Individual and team goal setting

  • Instill targeted mental performance skills and how to use them consistently

My goal is for your organization to not only to perform exceptionally, but carry itself with pride and reverence.



We'll talk about what's going on in your life and how I can help.

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